Chelsea 'BunBun' Liggatt

Discover VJ BunBun

BunBun is a Montréal-based visualist whose primary focus is to create innovative content and scenic design for live projection mapping.

After moving to Québec, BunBun has showcased on BE-AT.TV and for numerous events, festivals and nightclubs such as Stereo, Mutek, Jazz Fest Montréal, Bass Coast, Burning Man, Igloofest, The SAT | Society for Arts and Technology, Eclipse Festival and many more!


Shanie Jalbert-Bossé

Shanie is interested in optical phenomena such as illusions, anamorphosis, parallax and retinal persistence. At AVX Lab, she creates scenography and visual mapping installations. Her experience as an architect empowers her creativity in conceiving three-dimensional space, architectural concepts and sculptural construction.

In her work, she collaborated with Stereo Montreal, MAPPxMutek, Village-a-pied-du-courant, Festival internationnal de Jazz de Montréal and Quartier des Spectacles.


Guillaume Roberts-Cambron

Meet Guillaume:

With over 10 years of experience in the field, he is a Technical Director with a demonstrated history of working as a Live Sound Engineer, and Lighting Board Operator. Skilled in Production Management, Live Sound, Lighting, and Video.

His work has been featured on BE-AT.TV, at various festivals, Eclipse, Halifax Fringe Festival, Montreal Fringe Festival, and various venues, Tangente Danse, The Royal Phoenix, O Patro Vys, to name a few. He is also a member of the touring tech crew of BTSM.


George 'Mr Sun' Arvanitis

Mr. Sun is George Arvanitis, a Montreal based artist who specializes in all things eye catching. From optical illusions to detailed fractals, he truly knows how to bring his viewers into colorful dimensions. His passion for computers made digital art his preferred medium, from stunning patterns and posters to hypnotizing animation and motion design.


Soleil Launiere

Soleil Launière is a multidisciplinary artist who is formally trained as a sound designer and in the performing arts. She is currently enrolled in a 2-year long residency at the National Theatre School of Canada. She has also recently completed a residency in Alberta at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and in Réunion Island for a 2-month residency thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts.


Michel Didier

With a few years in the field of web development and software engineering but also graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Computation Arts, Michel is now focusing on artistic disciplines combining technologies and immersive visuals. Proteus, his most ambitious project to date, was presented during Composite X Elektra (Composite 15) and the TouchDesigner meetup of MUTEK 2018. As technical lead and creative developer, Michel continues to experiment with generative arts and audio-reactive visuals.


Ziggy Halliday

With an eclectic background in construction from cabinetry, carpentry, metalwork, art installation and fabrication, sculpture and design, Ziggy has an eye for detail and a need for perfection. With the professionals at AVX lab Ziggy looks to apply his knowledge in building and materials to bring music festival quality productions to the city of Montreal.

Currently he is applying his field of knowledge in the construction of stages and sets for theatres and ballets around Montreal with Productions Yves Nicol. He also is lead designer and builder for his own Venture Alpaka Productions.


Adam Omassi

Adam is a technically-minded audio-visual technician who has demonstrated exceptional skills with setting up and connecting equipment for concerts and performances. He possesses a strong understanding of how to troubleshoot and make sure the show runs smoothly.